David R.:

“BowenWork is incredible and Meghan has been such an intuitive practitioner. My sessions with her have had a major positive impact on my life physically and emotionally. I enjoy all types of body work, but after receiving BowenWork I can not classify massage even in the same category as BowenWork. For me, massage is now a luxury, a momentary pleasure experience. BowenWork on the other hand has the ability to truly shift and heal. It is also a very enjoyable and deeply relaxing experience, but it seems to have made real change. Physically but even more emotionally. Addressing stress and anxiety like no other modality has been able to. After the first session I experienced major shifts. I can not recommend BowenWork and Meghan enough.”


Maxine M.:

“Meghan has helped me so much! I have multiple joint problems and am a week away from knee surgery (total joint replacement). After a session with Meghan yesterday, I am more energized than I have been for weeks, and moving so much better!”

Jennifer L:
“My son went to Meghan after suffering from a concussion and whiplash. She ended up healing his whole person, body and mind.  I had no idea how tight his shoulders were until she made them feel like butter after only one session.  You could literally see the weight release off his shoulders, physically and emotionally.  She aligned his shoulder blades (we didn’t even realize they were off kilter). After seeing Meghan three times my son’s post-concussion symptoms were completely gone and not only did he feel better physically, but he experienced a wonderful sense of emotional release and mental clarity.  His sleep improved and he found it much easier to concentrate in school.  I highly recommend Meghan to anyone.  I felt completely comfortable leaving my child with Meghan, knowing that he was in competent and caring hands.”

Gary B:

Bowenwork Rocks…I’m a lucky guy!

“I’m in the process of experiencing a life changing encounter that is freeing my body from pain and increased my mobility. I’m 70 years old with a youthful spirit and live an active life. Charlie my 10 year old grandson recently described me as, “being younger on the inside… than I look on the outside”. A past history of over 30 years of back and leg injuries from skiing, ridding and a bad fall had come back to trouble my well being and spiritual health over the last 6 months.

After flying from New York to the bay area to visit my family, I arrived with a severe pain radiating from my shoulder, neck and back down through my legs. My family suggested that a visit a local Bowenwork practitioner, Meghan Marks to see if her skills could help improve my condition.

I must say that I was a bit skeptical at first, but during my first session my doubt was turning into belief that these movements would begin to allow my body to heal itself. After each of my three visits with Meghan, I began to experience reduction in pain with increased mobility.  I felt a wonderful sense of tension leaving my body. Patience in this process is an essential.

Meghan is a dedicated and enthusiastic practitioner who takes a deep personal interest in her patients’ physical and spiritual well-being. I’m a lucky man!

 Now back in NYC, I just want to say that I am grateful for my connection to Meghan and her skilled hands and tranquil spirit. My energy levels are improving.  I’ll be back for a family visit in July…and will plan to visit Meghan again.

And yes Charlie, Gary is back. Thanks Meghan and Bowenwork!”

Teri R:
“I put up with pain in my leg for almost a year. Working out became increasingly difficult. I avoided stairs unless I could pull myself up on a railing or bannister, and eventually, the pain made it impossible to sleep through the night.  Physical therapy, massage, ice packs—nothing helped. And then Meghan introduced me to Bowenwork!  I felt better after the first session, I started sleeping through the night after three, and  ten sessions later I am pain free.  It works!  Thank you, Meghan!”

Judith L:

“All my life, my periods have been extremely painfull. I’d have severe cramps and back pain, my periods lasted more than a week and were irregular with sometimes even six weeks in between. I’d take Ibuprofen for almost a full week just to function. After seeing Meghan just once or twice, my periods have become more regular, shorter and FAR less painfull! I don’t even have to take the Ibuprofen anymore.

I’ve also had my 11year old son see Meghan. Overall, the change I see in him is amazing. He’s more affectionate (he hated to be held or touched), he seems calmer, his bowel movement became regular (he’d go once a week, if even that, and would be really bothered by not being able to go) and he sleeps more relaxed (he’d be tense even in his sleep). He can’t explain well, but the fact that he LOVES going to Meghan and asks when the next time is, says enough.” 

Dot Z:

“I chatted with Meghan Marks at a gym class we were taking together and told her I was low on spirit and motivation for doing in my life. She told me about BowenWork and her work as a practitioner.  I was skeptical but wanted to ‘snap out’ of the doldrums.  

One session and I was hooked.  I was relieved of my cloud a bit from the beginning!  Now we have worked together on many issues of my body and spirit and I look forward to any time we have together.

Meghan has what I would call an Old Soul.  She gets you immediately.  Her touch and heart are a true gift and I am lucky that she shares it with me.”

Kimberley K:

“Meghan Marks is an exceptionally gentle and intuitive healer who is gifted in using the Bowenwork technique. She helped me overcome recurring foot, knee and sacroiliac pain, and helped my 12-year-old daughter heal from a painful and debilitating tailbone injury and whiplash to her back, which combined sidelined her from sports and triggered a prolonged period of insomnia and depression. Meghan’s caring and thoughtful approach enabled her to immediately connect with my daughter and apply her wealth of knowledge to resolve all of my daughter’s physical and emotional ailments. She’s like a new kid and I am forever grateful to Meghan!”

Willow O:

“I am a regular client with Meghan, and I have had amazing results with her Bowenwork. Meghan has treated me for various issues (ranging from a nagging crook in my neck to chronic back issues and arthritis in my foot). One of my main concerns was my decades-old TMJ injury. I have endured excruciating pain at the hands of numerous therapists trying to “release” the build up of tension, tightness and scar tissue in my jaw — all to no avail. However, after just two or three extremely gentle sessions with Meghan, I experienced more “openness” in my jaw than I have had in years. I couldn’t be more pleased, and I love recommending Meghan to anyone looking for gentle, effective body work — that I occasionally describe as miraculous!”

Nancy V:

“Meghan Marks of Bowenwork Marin is an excellent Bowenwork Practitioner. Thank you Meghan for all the times you have helped my body to heal. You have magical hands and wonderful energy.”

Joyce F:

“I have had lower back pain for the last 32 years due to a spinal condition at L4-5 called spondylolisthesis, where L-4 has slipped onto L-5 and is causing nerve impingement.  I also have scoliosis.  My back condition has worsened over the years, making walking or standing for more than 15 minutes at a time extremely painful.  I have tried many modalities to relieve the pain, including physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic, spinal injection and several others, all to no avail.  I was told by my doctors that the only treatment for this problem is taking pain medicine or having back surgery.

I learned about Bowen therapy several years ago but couldn’t find a Bowen practitioner in Marin until I met Meghan.  I have been seeing her weekly since October and have had very positive results.  I am now able to stand and walk for up to 45 minutes, sometimes longer, without pain.  This is life changing for me.  I can now go grocery shopping and stand in my kitchen and prepare meals in comfort.  I can also go for up to a week at a time without taking any pain meds.   The work Meghan has done on my thoracic spine has really loosened my shoulder blades and given me relief in that area as well. My head now sits much straighter on my neck, whereas before it leaned noticeably to the right.  One thing I really love about the process is it is so gentle.

Meghan and Bowen have made a big difference in the quality of my life, and I look forward to even more improvement with continued sessions.

Now I look forward to each day and am excited about life again!”

Deborah J:

“Meghan Marks possesses a great gift for healing people. She follows the discipline of Bowenwork, a very gentle form of bodywork in which she makes tiny, infinitely gentle adjustments to the body, with time in between for the body to absorb these changes. The changes are huge! I feel better over-all, and my body feels more flexible and supple. Meghan is a wonderfully sensitive person, taking the time to discover all the areas of concern. She is such a caring person! Meghan and Bowenwork have changed my life!” 

Maxine McG:

“I have had four Bowenwork sessions with my practitioner, Meghan Marks. Meghan is gentle yet very thorough. It is remarkable how much better I feel, how much easier movement is for me. For a day or so after a treatment, there is some stiffness or soreness. But this dissipates, and I have been feeling energized and have much improved mobility.  I am very encouraged by the positive benefits I have been experiencing. I highly recommend an assessment and treatment, if indicated, with Meghan!!

Emma M:

“I came to Meghan with pains in my feet due to Plantar Fasciitis as well as pain in my gallbladder – I have had gallstones for decades. Meghan is a very considerate and professional practitioner and inspires confidence. After careful observation she chooses slightly different movements for each session depending on my acute problems. After each treatment it was very interesting to observe the shifting landscape of symptoms and sensations that rippled through my body. My pains and issues were significantly reduced after only a few sessions. I strongly recommend the Bowen method. You will notice an instant improvement on your health.” 

Felice L:

“I was given Meghan’s name by a friend with whom I sing in a church choir. The friend saw Meghan seeking relief from foot pain and a locked jaw. My friend raved about the relief she experienced.

At that time I was struggling with great pain in my neck/shoulder (trap muscle), and continued problems with my jaw locking up when I sang. When I sang  (jaw) and held music (trap) both problems were aggravated.

In addition, I had been suffering pain due to re-injury of my coccyx. The first injury happened when I was 14, 40 years ago.  I had seen physical therapists, and a chiropractor to no avail.

Meghan works with me almost weekly.   She assesses how my body is working – both short term and over the long haul.  After discussing the short term, Meghan determines which area of my body/muscles she will address, taking into consideration which area she has previously.  This painless, non-invasive technique makes me feel more aligned.  It increases the range of motion when I turn my head from side to side by a remarkable amount.  This is clearly apparent during particularly stressful times (prolonged work deadlines etc).

Meghan and The Bowen Method have been the source of complete relief to my coccyx.  I can sit for hours without any problem at all.  This is absolutely remarkable.

I have continued to see Meghan because of this technique and the relief I feel. I still sing, and thus the jaw/trap problem is constantly renewed.   Happily, Meghan has unlocked my jaw.  We are still working on my shoulder/neck. That pain has receded from an 8 to a 3.

As a Bowen practitioner, Meghan is a delight.  She is gentle, thoughtful and thorough.  Her sensitivity and composed manner, combined with the Bowen technique have meant that most of my physical issues have been completely resolved, and we are slowly but surely unlocking the rest.”

Reb B:

“Meghan delivers “feelin’ good.” I have received excellent therapy for a year focusing on improving my overall health and it has improved.  This practitioner identified my bodily concerns and gently delivered targeted treatment plans for enhancing my total wellness utilizing her Bowenwork knowledge.

Meghan Marks worked on several troublesome areas of my diabetic, type 2, body including, kidneys, pancreas and liver.  She also addressed my feet which aided in my recovery from a serious Lisfranc foot multiple fracture in addition to neck and shoulder age issues, plus knees and prostate, achieving in every application a “feelin good” relaxation plus successful healing.  Some issues felt solved in the immediate while others returned to wellness over time with repeated treatments.

Performing as a bass player for over fifty years through a range of musical genres my hands and fingers exhibit repetitive motion issues from time to time.  Still playing on stage in my sixties, sometimes the fingers on my left hand would freeze up after a long siege of rather physical performances.  Bowenwork, through Meghan, suppressed all issues quickly and completely.  With smiles and expert applications, Meghan truly delivers gentle yet fabulously effective outcomes for me.  I actually look forward to and enjoy my Bowenwork sessions.

I heartily endorse Meghan Marks and recommend that anyone interested in trying additional wellness paths in their lives give Bowenwork with Meghan an honest try!”


Rob D:
Meghan at Bowenwork Marin was able to make substantial improvements not only in my health and energy but also my son’s. Each of us improved in our overall condition and in spot treatments after only a few sessions. I highly recommend her work!


We have been bringing our 9 year old son to see Meghan for a few months now. Our son started having motor tics at the age of 4. The first time we’ve seen a long break in his tics have been recently, after about 4 sessions of Bowenwork. He loves his sessions with Meghan, it’s relaxing and she definitely knows how to build a connection with children right from the beginning. The improvement was noticed by his teachers, doctor, and our closest friends and neighbors. We plan on taking our son periodically for maintenance of his tics, since they can resurface. Tics  become increasingly annoying to children as they get older and more noticeable, which is why we’re so thankful to have this technique available for him with Meghan and her practice.