In short, Bowenwork® is a gentle, holistic, hands-on healthcare everyone can benefit from.

Bowenwork is a truly unique therapy that helps anything from traumatic injury, chronic illnesses, developmental delay and everyday stress. Bowenwork resets the nervous system, activates the immune system and stimulates the bodies innate healing ability.

Bowenwork works with the proprioceptor system in the body which is the feedback loop from the muscles and tissue to the brain and back to the body.

Meghan uses a stretch-roll-release movement that stimulates a brain response. The brain sends back a message to the tissue to normalize, ideally to it’s original blueprint from the time of conception. Bowenwork stimulates the nervous system to reset and heal.

Since Bowenwork is a whole body therapy, it has the potential to help any condition. It affects internal organ systems, the musculo-skeletal structure and the emotional part of us. Bowenwork takes the body out of stress mode and puts it into relax, rest and repair mode, which is the body’s natural healing state. It helps improve the overall well-being and balance of the body.