Meghan Marks

professional Bowenwork® practitioner and Associate Instructor

22 Miller Avenue, Mill Valley CA 94941



My office is located at 22 Miller Avenue in down town Mill Valley, above restaurant Piazza D’Angelo. To the left of the restaurant you will see a walkway, enter it. After about 30 feet, take the stairs on your right and you’ll find my office upstairs with a ‘Bowenwork Marin’ sign on it. If my office door is closed, please have a seat on the couch in the hall.

Parking is metered. The first visit takes about 90 minutes. Put extra money in the meter just in case. The first visit is the cost of the session ($80 for 0-10 years old, $90 for 11 years and up) plus a one time $50 intake and assessment fee. I accept checks or cash. I look forward to meeting you and sharing Bowenwork with you!

Best, Meghan