Dr. Rowen’s Second Opinion Newsletter of July ’03 headlined Bowenwork as “the gentlest, most effective pain therapy ever.”

Prevention Magazine describes Bowenwork as “the only bodywork technique that is effective in treating fibromyalgia.”

O, the Oprah Magazine (July ’04), names Bowenwork as one of “the most innovative body therapies.”


Learn more about the original Bowen Technique and the founders of Bowenwork here.

Meghan has earned her professional Bowenwork® practitioner license at American Bowen Academy. American Bowen Academy is the only internationally recognized organization in the U.S. that offers certification, provides standardized, high quality training, and supports current and future Bowenwork® practitioners and instructors with resources and opportunities in an expanding healthcare field.

Sue Rutter posted a great short and informative video about Bowenwork.

Sandra Gustafson’s video about Bowenwork for people living with cancer is a great testimonial of what Bowenwork can do for people in likewise situations.

Josh – a TBI Succes Story about Bowenwork taking part in recovering after a Traumatic Brain Injury.