Full Wave Breathing

About Full-Wave breathing

Full Wave Breathing is a slow, deep connected way of breathing.  This breathwork will help you utilize your breath to its full capacity.

There are countless uses for Full Wave Breathing.  It can truly be used to enhance every aspect of ones health and wellbeing.  This breathwork helps oxygenate your body, exercise your internal system, firm muscle tone, strengthen your diaphragm, helps boost your metabolism and immune system, fights addiction, releases stored trauma, relieves stress, detoxes, relaxes, energizes and clears and connects your mind and body.


Why Full Wave Breathing? 

It is the single most important exercise you can do to benefit your whole being-mind, body and soul! The breath is an amazing tool that can address and transform stored stress.

Transform your breath, transform your life!

90% of health problems are due to excess stress.  Off loading stress is efficient to create amazing healing opportunities.  The past is stored in the body’s tissue.  Once you free any negative memory in the tissue, you can heal and move on.

Full Wave Breathing can help you live a healthier, happier and fuller life.  It will facilitate a true connection with your whole being – body, mind and soul.


My story on Full Wave Breathing

I was first introduced to Full Wave Breathing in 1993 while taking a stress management and relaxation course at the University of Colorado, Boulder.  After my first breathing exercise, I experienced the most amazing, natural high!  I knew at that moment, this breathwork was truly transformational and magical!

In 2007, it was my goal to become a Full Wave Breathing facilitator and transformational coach.  In March of 2016, this dream came true.  I am so excited and proud to be a Full Wave Breathing Facilitator and Transformational Coach!

I studied Full Wave Breathing and Transformational Healing with Dr. Tom Goode, the co-founder and developer of The International Breath Institute and of the Full Wave Breathing Technique.

My goal as a Full Wave Breathing facilitator and Transformational Coach is to empower people to shift all that is unwanted into what they desire.


Full Wave breathing rates:

Existing BWM clients $150 per session

New BWM clients $200 initial session