Bowenwork initial session, intake and assessment fee  $50, plus the session fee as listed below, which is $80 for 10 years and younger or $100 for 11 years and older.

Bowenwork subsequent session (Adult) – 11 years and older   $100

Bowenwork subsequent session (Children) – 10 years and younger   $80


Mind-Body-Soul Bowen session – $150

Bowenwork subsequent session out of office, eg. at private home or hospital   $225.            At home second person  $150

4 Hour intro to Bowenwork class  $95, includes a manual


Full Wave Breathing session Existing BWM clients $150 per session

Full Wave breathing session new BWM clients $200 initial session

Scar work new BWM clients $200, existing clients $150

Chakra healing new BWM clients $200, existing clients $150

Emmett Therapy new BWM clients $150, existing clients $100


Gift Certificates are available for any amount.