Meghan and Bowenwork

My Bowenwork Journey

I am Meghan Marks and I am a advanced Bowenwork® practitioner and Associate Instructor with the American Bowen Academy.  My training was with Bowtech, the original Bowen Technique, through The American Bowen Academy.

I have had the privilege to learn from very talented Bowenwork instructors.  I feel blessed to have learned my advanced Bowenwork training from Ossie and Elaine Rentsch.  Ossie learned Bowenwork from the late Tom Bowen who was the originator of the Bowen Technique.  I have spent numerous hours with my Bowen mentor, Harry Wharff.  Harry and his clients have brought great depth and richness to my skill set and Bowenwork technique.  I am truly grateful for those experiences!

I started my Bowen journey in 2007 as a client.  At the time of my first Bowenwork session, I had been suffering from a debilitating bad back for more than twenty years.  I could barely walk for a couple of weeks each month.  I tried countless traditional and alternative therapies.  It was not until I had my first Bowenwork session that I experienced amazing relief.  I was able to stand up straight, the pain in my back and elsewhere was significantly reduced, my range of motion improved and I had a smile on my face.

The day of my first session, 2 wonderful things happened.

  1. I started to get my life back!
  2. I knew I wanted to become a Bowenwork practitioner!

I love my profession as a Bowenwork practitioner.  I feel so lucky to be sharing my passion with others.  Bowenwork is truly amazing.

A little more about me…….

In 2000 I married my best friend and the love of my life.  We have two beautiful children.  I was raised in Mill Valley and couldn’t be happier that my BowenWork Marin office is located in the heart of downtown Mill Valley.