After Care

Care Instructions after Bowenwork®

After Treatment  Day

Avoid sitting for more than ½ an hour at a time (on the day of treatment only).  If you stand and walk around the chair you were sitting on, and then sit down again, that is fine.  Please don’t forget this if you are planning to ride/ drive in a car for more than 30 minutes.

After & between treatments:

Drink plenty of water – small frequent amounts of water intake thoughout the day is much better for hydration than a large amount at the end of the day.

Do plenty of walking – at least 15 minutes a day

Practice any exercise(s) that may have been recommended (start the day after your session).

AND avoid the following (preferably for 1 week after treatment):

Sitting with your legs crossed

Hot-water bottles/ ice packs or frozen peas

Electric blankets, deep heat rubs or electric massage chairs

Long, hot baths – a warm bath for no longer than 10 minutes is OK

Long, hot hard showers – gentle flow warm shower is much better.

** Any other form of bodywork treatment (e.g. massage, physiotherapy, acupuncture, chiropractic…).  Please wait until you have finished your Bowen therapy sessions before embarking on something else. This will help countering the Bowen treatments done & also allow your body to fully integrate the Bowen effects without introducing other variables.  Herbal, homeopathic and any other conventional medicine is of course fine. Muscle relaxers can interfere with receiving the optimal benefits from Bowenwork.

If your jaw has been worked on:

Avoid fruit or food which requires opening the jaw wide or a wide jaw movement (such as apples). Cutting hard fruits & other foods into small bite sized pieces is better.

Avoid hard food such as nuts and very chewy foods like toffees & taffies.

What can you expect after a Bowenwork session??

You may feel stiff & achy after the treatment for a couple of days because your body is trying to correct itself.  If you are in a lot of pain, please avoid icing/ heating/ rubbing/ massaging the area, but taking your usual medicines or pain reliever(s) is fine. Muscle relaxers can interfere with the effectiveness of Bowenwork.

Pain relief (suddenly or gradually- Bowenwork can be very subtle)

Improved sleep

Improved energy

Emotional- calm, relaxed…

A follow up or 2nd session should be scheduled 5-10 days after the initial session.

** Observing the above recommendations as much as possible will help your body to respond optimally to the Bowenwork session.